Monday, January 31, 2011

new year's resolution...

its been a while since i've posted and i am a little upset at myself because i have so much to write about, but i've just been so busy. therefore, i have made it one of my new year's resolutions to post more often. so, today i want to talk about one of the things that has been consuming a great amount of my time, which is my 24th birthday. i usually don't do anything out of the ordinary during my birthday, dinner with family and friends is the norm. but, this year i am doing something different because you only turn 24 on the 24th once, right?! so, i will be having a birthday/house warming party because my house is still in need of...pretty much everything! i have registered at target and i am stoked! i love planning parties, but i have never planned one for myself, so i am excited about all the details and everything that has to do with this party. themed parties are my favorite, so this will be a "Marie Antoinette Hat Party." i love hats and i have a castle of my own, like MA. =) here are some of my inspirations for the party that will be held at Le Chateau de Marie Jelli. [lol] enjoy!
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