Tuesday, February 1, 2011

mark your calendars!

Friday, May 6 is going to be a great night to get together with your girlfriends and watch the most anticipated movie of the year, "Something Borrowed." Based on the exciting, page-turning, and hilarious novel by Emily Giffin. This movie will be a great treat for her fans and pretty much every girl that enjoys a great story about love and friendship. 

I stumbled upon this book a few years back while waiting for my flight at La Guardia Airport, but I never purchased it. One hot winter evening in 2009 [because I live in Florida], while on a Barnes & Noble date with my bestest [Gertrude], she was looking for a novel to read, so I told her about SOBO. The funny thing is that she was actually moving away, so we wanted to make it a thing that would keep us connected through the distance and have some type of a "book club." We fell in love with SOBO and have become huge fans of Emily Giffin. We are in the process of finishing up all of her collection, which includes Something Blue, Love The One You're With, Baby Proof, and Heart of the Matter. Gertrude actually moved to Atlanta, which is even further away from me.  =( 

But, on a positive note, she is closer to Emily Giffin....aaannd....who knows, maybe she'll run into Emily and then we'll all be friends! lol 
We have created an Emily Giffin fan base among our friends. So, we can't wait until SOBO premiers and hopefully we will be able to watch it together!!! =)

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