Saturday, February 19, 2011

hats & charity friend, roberta, invited me to attend a "high tea & hat" fundraising event for a great organization called Seniors First. this organization helps senior citizens in the orlando area by helping them with any home improvements, delivering food, and other support services. they are dedicated to help seniors maintain their independence through these services.

i was so excited about going because i love dressing up and i love hats, especially vintage hats. the event was held at the peabody hotel in orlando, fl and it was very successful. the place was filled with colors, feathers, tea cups, flowers, butterflies and pretty much anything that you can possibly put on a was amazing! there were auctions and a hat contest, which were great! [i never win anything, so i don't get my hopes up.] however, miss roberta won a golfing package with a putter, which was pretty sweet! so, at least one of us didn't go home empty handed.

here are some pics of the event....

       {my fave!}

 the winners {best hat, most elegant, most creative}

 {the famous peabody ducks marching back to their penthouse suite...those lucky ducks!}

other than having a fabulous time at this event....
i became interested in getting involved with Seniors First.
if you ever have a couple of hours to spare, think about joining a charity. 
i am sure any little bit helps. there are so many senior citizens that
need even just the simplest assistance, such as delivering some food to them or even just to say hello.
i can spend at least 2 hours on my computer at times and 
i know that if i use those toward something that makes a difference it will be so much more worth it. 
just remember that its the little things that make a difference in this world.
i want to give you?...[you should!] 

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