Thursday, March 24, 2011

february 24

exactly a month ago was my 24th birthday and i promised to tell you 24 things about we could get to know each other better! =) it is...

1. JESUS is my lord & savior.

2. i was born in fajardo, puerto rico and moved to orlando, florida at the age of 10. 
[spanish is my first language]

3. i have 1 set of parents and 2 younger brothers, henry & erik. also, a little wiener dog named rex

4. i have the most wonderful & funniest boyfriend, ever! steven, my rasta man.

5. i have an old soul & love all things vintage & antique. 

6. i played volleyball for more than half of my life and that is what paid for college. 

7. undergrad: mount olive college, 2008. grad school: nova southeastern university, 2012. 

8. i am a business major, with a strong passion for the arts. 

9. music is a huge part of my life. 
i used to play the trumpet [funny...i know], i sing & jazz is my favorite music. 

10. i'm a D.I.Y. kind of gal. [i really think i can do anything!] 

11. i love traveling....i hate packing!

12. LxC...part owner of LIx CREATIONS [which i will go into depth later on...stay tuned]. 

13.  i am a true fan! [yankees-magic-eagles
my heart belongs to sports & derek jeter [just sayin'].

14. i work for Coca-Cola

15. fashion is my life! i interned for alberta ferretti in NYC right after college & it was amazing! 

16. i'm scared of heights & terrified of snakes. 

17. shopping is my addiction. [thrift stores, flea markets, mall, garage sales, target, etc....etc...]

18. i am cheap. [i hate paying full price for things...i always want a bf hates it!]

19. wedding planning is my obsession. 
[coordinating, decorating, planning, flowers, i do it all...]

20. photography is my hobby. 

21. pizza is my fave! [just plain cheese]

22. i'm a real picky eater....i hate salad, fish, veggies, coffee, and pretty much anything healthy!

23. i LOVE cake & all sweets!

24. acting holds a piece of my heart. 


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