Tuesday, March 8, 2011

orlando...where wishes come true

do you wish to be able to talk and see your old friends more often?
...but, you are so busy with life, 
that even sending a text message sometimes slips your mind, then one month quickly turns into
 a year....or two...or more?
well, that is what i was chatting about with my 
former teammate/captain/all-american/ncaa woman of the year finalist/amazing friend, 
samantha [aka sambo rambo],
when she came to visit this past weekend. 

sambo and i played volleyball together in college and we both graduated in 2008. 
after graduation, we parted ways, but managed to end up in the same state and 
that was the last time i saw her, fall of '08 in new york city. 
sam was doing a graduate assistantship in a school around
 the long island area and i was doing an internship in nyc. 
we talked every now and then to catch up, just not very often.
when she called about coming to visit, i was ecstatic
she arrived on friday with her beau, jose [whom i had never met before]
 and that is when the fun began! 
he wasn't included in the initial plan, but i am so glad he made it because we had such a 
great time!!!
the first thing sam said to me:
 "here, jose got you a cookie!" 
[from the cookie shop at the mall] - and he immediately won my heart! [lol]
we did so much in just a couple of days....it felt like a week! 
we kicked off the weekend with the magic vs bulls game, which jose was like a happy little kid about because he is a huge chicago fan and couldn't believe they were in town. 
[we are not going to talk about the results of that game because it is not relevant!] 
saturday, we went go-karting and enjoyed the marvelous weather around international drive. 
as we are walking down the street jose mentions how he's always wanted to go to the 
blue man group show so so bad. luckily, we were able to score some tix at half price for that night's show, thanks to their student IDs. again, jose was like a little kid in a candy shop! 
to kill sometime before the show, we went to my favorite place, mall at millenia!

on sunday, we had an amazing time at church, went to lunch, had dessert and walked around 
outside because the weather was perfect! 
 i know sam loves the warm weather and i think orlando stole a little place in their hearts....so i hope that they'll be finding their way back here in the near future...
with a one-way ticket! =)
it was such a great weekend! 
we have realized that as we get older, you have less time to do things you wish for because we are consumed by our careers and other responsibilities that we loose track of it all. 
we made a promise to change it!!!! 
i encourage you to catch up with some old friends...even if its just to say hi! =) 

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