Monday, March 28, 2011

relax + celebrate

what's better than taking a vacation?...
a vacation on your birthday week! 

it sounds lovely...and thats exactly what i did. 
i went on a vacation with my family on the week of my birthday and it was uh-mazing!
i was in desperate need of a vacay, to just relax and get away from everything. 
so, i went on a cruise. 
luckily, i snagged a great deal on a 4 night royal caribbean cruise for only $198
that's right! super cheap and exactly what we needed. 
it was so nice to spend time with my family and do nothing. i relaxed on the boat, laid by the pool, read my book, slept, and gained about 10 pounds due to the 
endless amount of food provided!

here are some pics... 
1. delicious dessert; 2. my b-day present from our dinner friends [i love pearls!]; 3. our dinner friends, vanessa & david, who were on their honeymoon!; 4. coco cay, bahamas; 5. my swimwear; 6. our room; 7. my bro, henry, enjoying the cruise!; 8. roses sent from my parents on my birthday!; 9. towel art; 10. the endless amount of bacon...yummy!; 
11. our dining staff...we loved them! =)  

what to wear????
1. dress, vintage skirt/vintage belt/cardigan, target/peep-toe slingbacks, nine west; 2. vintage dress/ pumps, christian louboutin/ clutch, alberta ferretti; 3. dress, stalhi boutique/blazer, target/vintage pearls/headband, lixcreations/booties, sinha-stanic.
after my vacation...
the celebration continued with a little housewarming/ birthday party. 
it was a marie antoinette themed hat party & guests were asked to wear a hat. 
we had karaoke, a candy/dessert bar, great food and a photobooth set-up. 
i did all of the decor, my parents cooked, my aunt baked the cake and i decorated it. 
"marie antoinette," the movie, was playing throughout the night to build the ambiance. 
it was so girly, chic & super fun! [i even registered! lol] 

here are some pics of the party...

i had such a great time...although, i did miss a lot of special people! =(
i am so thankful for everyone who attended and all the amazing gifts!!

(= i heart you all!! =)

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