Saturday, March 5, 2011

reminisce [march fifth]

the fifth of march is always a day that is really close to my heart because it was my grandmother's birthday. my daddy's mommy, norma iris, passed a away when i was eleven years old due to a health battle she was not able to defeat. such an amazing and caring woman, that was always there to serve people. 

she was beautiful and stylish. i remember going into her closet and walking around the house with her pearls, hats, purses, and heels. it is because of this lady that i am a thrift store and garage sale shopping addict. i remember going to thrift stores all the time to find the best items at the cheapest possible price. every saturday morning we would go to as many garage sales as possible looking for treasures. even to this day, that is what i do and i owe it all to her. 
{grandma, dalix[cousin], me}
one of my most prized possessions are her pearls, which were given to me by my aunt and i cherish them with all my heart. its like a piece of her classiness and elegance is with me at all times. so today, on her birthday, i honor this amazing woman that still inspires me...
i miss you, abuela!

sometimes we take for granted what we have and i am guilty of that as well. we need to cherish our family members and the time that we have to be with them, because tomorrow may never come. 

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