Thursday, April 14, 2011

thursday tunes

music is a big part of my life and i listen to pretty much anything thats meaningful with good vocals.
my favorite is jazz, acoustic, indie, blues, etc... etc...
since i am on the road a lot, i like to listen to music i can sing along to. [and harmonize to!] =)
today, i want to share a little of whats playing on my radio...

this song reminds me a lot of my boyfriend because he introduced me to it and its on adele's new album -"21"- which i love! [although, i heart her first more!] i also really like the setting of the video, the lamps & just her with the guitarist.
i LOVE live music! so, i think its perfect. if you haven't gotten a chance to hear should definitely check it out!  =)
if you have some cool music you'd like to share, please send it my way! i wanna be a fan. =)

[thursday tunes could potentially be a new feature...we'll just have to wait and see!]


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