Thursday, May 19, 2011

thursday tunes

{hey, its almost the weekend! yay!}
i'm so excited for this thursday tunes because i am totally loving this awesome little duo:

the bird & the bee

i came across their 'polite dance song' video on facebook, through one of my friends- ms. jen guhl -and i thought it was hilarious! i started looking up other songs by them and realized that i had heard them before at publix [ha!], but i didn't know who they were. i am sure you have heard of them too. the song they play at publix is 'la la la'.
 today, i wanted to share their rendition of 'don't stop the music' [originally done by rihanna]. i love the style and feel of the song. i feel like i'm in an old movie when i hear it, its pretty awesome! the harmonies are my fave, they are perfect! the music is really easy to listen to, so i would suggest you check them out too!

maybe this isn't what would normally be in your shuffle playlist on your iPod...but be open to something different....
you will learn things you never knew about yourself through different kinds of music! 

i actually think this version is WAY better! so, here it goes...enjoy! 


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