Friday, June 10, 2011

dieu merci, c'est vendredi! [tgif!]

bonjour, dears! comment ├žava? 
{ my french?} 
i found this french learning cd at barnes & noble a few weeks ago and i've been playing it in my car non-stop. my babes is actually really annoyed by it, but i think its pretty cool. its a drive-and-learn type, so you can speak french while you drive and since i'm on the road all day long, its perfect. it has some pretty cheesy songs on it, but i don't care! i took french in high school for two years and i absolutely loved it. i was actually pretty good at it, mainly the reading and writing, but the speaking was a little challenging. there is a lot of hacking and gagging that doesn't come naturally...ha! french is pretty close to spanish, so it was easier for me to pick up. i'm doing pretty good with my new on-the-go teacher, i just have to be disciplined and practice more often. [i also got an italian one, but i have to tackle these slowly!] i know i will be going to paris one day and i'd love to be able to ask for directions and actually understand what people tell me as well as order my own food and not seem like a total tourist. haha! 

i love everything french: fashion, art, architecture, history, etc....
i've always wanted to go to france and i hope that day comes very very soon!!! 
until then, i will just dream about it and keep looking like a crazy woman while learning in my car! =)

happy friday!

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