Monday, June 27, 2011

[my] weekend!

by my...i really mean mine! i didn't get to see my loverboy all weekend due to him being at his friend's bachelor extravaganza thingy all weekend. so, thats a lot of me time!!! which meant i was able to do anything i wanted. and although i missed him dearly, i was pretty excited. first, my weekend started with a youth lock-in at my church. i am part of the leadership for our youth group, so i was there helping out and making sure those kids didn't get out of hand. [haha...they're good kids!] it began friday night with conferences and a scavenger hunt and ended with an obstacle course and a massive water ballon fight on saturday afternoon. its great to be around these kids because they really keep me young, but i was exhausted!
right after the lock-in, i went to catch super 8 with my mama and my cousin, mr. rodney. [sidenote: go watch it...its amazing!] after that, i did a little shopping at the outlets with some other peeps.
sunday morning, i totally overslept. =/ but, still managed to make it to church on time. after church, i had lunch with friends, did a little thrifting and went to jo-ann fabrics. my trip to jo-ann's was a total succes! i went to get some paint because while on the search for an outfit this mornimg, i found some of my old paintings and was really inspired to paint. i came home and thats what i did....paint!
my photo inspiration!

for me, painting is so comforting, relaxing and therapeutic. its exactly what i needed. i never have time for it, but i decided to change that today and i'm so glad i did. i hope i can keep up with it and keep doing the things i love to do. with our busy lives, its so hard to find time for what makes us happy and i really want to work on that. i am taking this semester off from school, so i can get myself together for the fall. i want to do all the things that bring joy to my life...lets see how i do!

my 5-minute church outfit & my really awesome fortune!
blouse, wedges & necklaces: f21
pearls & belt: thrifted
skirt: old navy
although, i was sad to not be with my babes this weekend, i truly made the best of it!
i hope you had a wonderful weekend also!


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  1. Love Love it!!!!! Your just simply amazing Jelli!!
    I<3 U