Thursday, June 2, 2011

thursday tunes

pandora is definitely one of the best things ever created. =)
i love listening to new music and it never lets me down! 
soooo i was listening to the adele station one day, 
 and this awesome girl came on: 

a fine frenzy

her voice and style of music is so pleasantly sweet and soothing. i love listening to music that can be a sound track to my life.
[ooh, like a 500 days of summer type of movie - but with tons of love, no heartbreaks!]. 
she is not only super talented, but oh-so beautiful too!!! and her red hair is extra awesome! 
[because i had it not too long ago and i loved it!]
i play a fine frenzy all the time, but mainly when i feel creative and inspired....she really is wonderful! 
if you haven't checked her you go: 


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