Friday, July 15, 2011


i feel like this! =)
omg, i'm ecstatic! i know its almost tomorrow, but i really can't wait until the afternoon because i'm going on a mini road trip to savannah, ga for my little cousin's wedding. when i say little, i mean he's 18...such a baby...but it's his special day and we wouldn't miss it because we love him so very much! its going to be a pretty awesome trip since i get to spend time with my family and my other cousin, dalix [aka the other lix],  who lives in atlanta and i haven't seen in over a year. [tear!] i could really scream from how happy i am!!! she's the closest cousin i have and my life would really not be the same without her. a year is waaaayyy too long without seeing eachother, so you can only imagine how we feel. =) of course, a couple of days is not enough, but i'll take it anyway! i'll be able to work a half-day, so i could make it for the 6pm nuptials and you better believe i'll be taking tons of pics! the last time i was in savannah was for a volleyball tournament and i remember it being so gorgeous. i'm also looking forward to being away from new place full of inspiration and just something different. i know it'll be an eventful weekend and i cannot wait!

ta ta! XXxxoOOo

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