Monday, August 8, 2011

feelin' good

awaken by the heat and brightness of the sun on my face on a beautiful SUNday morning...i usually just turn over and sleep for a few more hours until i have to get ready for church, which starts at noon. however, this time i was up early and doing things i really like to do, but i lost track of time and ended up running late. with only about 5 minutes to get ready, this is what i came up with! i love wearing dresses because they're so easy to piece together and so so girly! especially comfortable dresses, like this 70's vintage polyester/satin dress. i love the length, the sleeves & peachy orange flowers. i always say that the best outfits come when you're rushing to get ready. i was on time....felt good & comfy...all that matters! =) 
vintage dress + clutch + belt: thrifted
wedges: candie's
aviators: ray-ban
accessories: f21


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