Monday, August 15, 2011

hot sunday

man, oh-man, the weather has been really crazy lately! i just saw on the news today about snow in new zealand, triple digit temps pretty much everywhere, killer wind gusts, and insane floods. it was so overwhelming to see all of this and at the very same moment be sweating hot from being outside in close to 100 degree weather! this past sunday was no different, but i was extra miserable because we took my bf's 80[something]' cabriolet. the grandma [as he calls it, lol] has no a/c. although, i do love grandma and yes, its a convertible, but that doesn't make it any cooler. all this resulting in a not-so-very-happy jelli. -_- luckily, i was able to convince him to stop and take some pics right around where i live. he also wanted in on the picture fun and i'm so glad because he looked so good! heehee ;)
i LOVE the way he mixes prints! =) 
ME: dress, thrifted // pumps, tillies // aviators, ray-ban // jewelry, f21 // half-hat, vintage
HIM: shirt, zara // vest, thrifted // tie, target // jeans, UO // belt, A&F // shoes, toms // shades, ray-ban

XOXOxxx, lovelies!

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