Wednesday, August 3, 2011


i have been following blogs for quite sometime now and around three to four years ago i stumbled upon the sartorialist & karla's closet, which are two of my all-time faves. i have always found inspiration in fashion magazines, just like most girls who love fashion. but when the blog world was born, it completely revolutionized everything. bloggers have so much influence in people, its beyond amazing! during my undergrad studies, i lived in a really small town in north carolina and i stuck out like a sore thumb because i wasn't your "normal girl." i belonged in a bigger city pursuing some kind of artistic career, but my passion for volleyball was too strong. anyways, i loved being inspired by bloggers like scott schuman from the sartorialist because it gave me more of a real life sense of fashion that i connected with and not your usual [unrealistic] high-fashion editorials. his photos are so captivating and intriguing, i just can't get enough. his street style shots are simple, yet amazing! he truly knows how to express himself and tell a story without having to write anything. he has been named one of the most influential people in the fashion industry and that's no surprise.
{when i lived in the city, i secretly wished to run into the sartorialist. omg, i would've died! haha} 
my other all-time favorite is karla from karla's closet. this girl has such great sense of style and she's sooo gorgeous! i love the way she combines pieces together and the fact that she's just a normal gal going to school and pursuing her dreams while being a great influence to others, which I find really fascinating! her pictures are so crisp and pretty. she does a fantastic job at being herself and inspiring others!
if you have never checked them out, do yourself a favor and pay them a visit. i can guarantee it won't be your last! =)

be inspired...

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