Sunday, October 2, 2011

fashion + vitaminwater + brink mag

i woke up yesterday morning to amazing weather in the mid-sixties. october is one of my favorite months out of the whole year and i welcomed it with open arms. friday night wasn't so lovely because it was a little warm, but i still enjoyed myself with my awesome friend, tammy jo at the vitaminwater zero uncapped fashion event presented by BRINK magazine & vitaminwater zero in downtown orlando. the event was such a great success, i was very impressed! it had a really cool bryant park feel mixed with a moroccan theme, it really was awesome! i was invited by tammy jo and once i got there, i was able reconnect with some old work-buddies i hadn't seen in a while. one of them being kyle, the editor-in-chief of BRINK mag. i immediately fell in love with BRINK because it echoes how i feel about our city in terms of the amazingly creative people that live in it and where we should be going. it focuses on pop culture, art, music and so much more, but the best part of it is the focus on local talent. in orlando, we have an abundance of artistic people without a spotlight for them to shine on. but, not anymore! brink is bringing that to the table and i think it has a great future! our community is filled with so many creative people, its nice to know that its being appreciated. i was able to snap some pics at the event with my phone, so check them out....and while you're at it....i encourage you to check out BRINK mag, i'm sure you will LOVE it! =)  XXXx

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