Monday, April 9, 2012


hello there! i know i've been MIA since i got married, but i have been just soooo busy. i thought that after the wedding i'd be able to take a breather and have some downtime and boy was i wrong! real life has set in and taken a lot of my time, especially my day job! i have also been really busy with our church's worship ministry and settling into my home with my husband. i must admit that it hasn't been as smooth as i thought...we have so much to do, just not enough time! so, we are tackling everything little by little. i have been in this house for a year and a half and only got my living room done. =/ i have so many projects and visions for my home, but not enough time. thankfully, my lovely hubby wants to get things done, so he is the cleaning and organizing captain! right now, we are stuck with cleaning up the rooms to settle into one of them and finally start my closet! i have been meaning to start this since i moved in, but i just couldn't find the time. hopefully, we'll get started real soon! i can't wait and i'm sick of all my clothes being EVERYWHERE...literally!!!!! i can't wait to share all the little home projects i have lined up. also, our wedding pictures and video will be here within the upcoming weeks and i just can't wait to share those either with all the details from our wedding! i am in the process of uploading honeymoon pics, so expect those too! look at that...i have a new to-do list! hahaha addition to all of those exciting things i want to share, i have other exciting news of things that are in the works and i can't wait to share those deets! we have been so blessed and are so very thankful for everything....God is so amazing!!!

well, here is a little pic from our first easter as a married couple! (i love saying that!) i hope you all had an amazing easter! i'll be back tomorrow....tootles! xoxOo
{ME: dress-vintage//clutch-vintage//lace hair clip-LIxCREATIONS(me!)//shoes-seychelles}
{HIM: blazer, shirt, pants, pocket square- ZARA//socks-nordstrom rack//shoes-boutique}

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