Friday, June 29, 2012

w e d d i n g [reception part 1]

 before he popped the question, steven and i already knew where our wedding reception would be! it happened while we were bowling one day and he sits next to me and says "we should do our wedding here!" of course, i started daydreaming and coming up with ideas and ways of making it work! we always said we wanted to have a fun wedding that reflected our personalities and this was the perfect place! The Firkin & Kegler is a technologically advanced bowling center with huge screens, red velvet booths, red velvet curtains and 32 lanes with an old vintage feel, which totally fit our theme! it looked great with flowers everywhere, the continuous video of antique movie clips and a whole lotta jazz! =) 
with only 4 months of planning, we didn't think we could actually pull it off. we kept the whole thing a secret until the day of our wedding. the entire process was so exciting!!!! we wanted our guests to be surprised and have a blast....which was exactly what happened and they are still talking about it! 
check out the pics...



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