Friday, February 22, 2013

share your birthday!

as i sit here and reflect on the 25th year of my life right before my 26th birthday (which is on sunday), i can't help but think about things i could've done better. one of my birthday goals for this year is to give more. it seems like we always say we want to give and help others, but do we really do it? last month, Jacin from Lovely Little Details posted something that really touched my heart. on her birthday she decided to give and share it with others. i thought it was so inspiring and wanted to do the same on my birthday! so, i joined her in sharing our birthday with The Birthday Party Project!

TBPP is an organization that celebrates the birthday of homeless children. they host monthly birthday parties at shelters and throw a party for the birthday kid! when i read this, i was immediately on board! i grew up learning about reasons why kids end up in shelters because my mom worked for DCF and i feel that there was always a soft spot in my heart for them. it is unfair for a child to be in that situation and to think that they can't even have a celebration on their birthday, breaks my heart. i believe that birthdays are special and these kids deserve to have a celebration on their special day! so, i have decided to share my birthday and give to The Birthday Party Project! the team that created this project is more than just amazing and i want to help in any way that i can. imagine if we all gave a little many more kids would have happier birthdays! 

Please check out their website here...spread the word and join us! =) 
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