Sunday, February 10, 2013

the month of love

can you believe we are almost half way thru february? i sure can't! it feels like we just said hello to the new year and now we are almost at month three. february being the shortest month of the year, i feel is the most eventful. i have been busy since day one. i have valentine's day, which i don't even know if we will end up celebrating it because we both work crazy hours during that week. i have a huge show right after Vday for PEPLUM events&design and i am crazy excited! finally, my birthday is on the 24th and we have so many cool things planned! THEN, just one week after that my Mr. and I celebrate our ONE year wedding anniversary!!! WOW! i can't even process that entirely! lol 

here is a cute DIY i made last night for our valentine party on thursday. it literally took five minutes and it's so cute! you should try it. take a blank canvas and just paint x's and o's on it. you can display it anywhere! it can even stay up for the whole year! =)


  1. That is really simple, but very cute. Sometimes the best DIYs are the EASIEST DIYs. Thanks for the share. Early-congrats for you one-year!

    Kate from Clear the Way

    1. It really was so simple and you can do so much with it! Thanks for the love!!!! xo