Wednesday, May 29, 2013


hello dears! how ya been? i hope you've been great and you had a marvelous holiday weekend. i've been away from here, but not totally gone! if you follow me on instagram, you've seen so major happenings in my life lately. i'm still really ecstatic, so i thought i'd share over here! as you know, i've been working a lot on my event design business, PEPLUM events&design and we were recently featured on BRINK magazine's brand new issue! if you haven't gotten a chance to see it, you can check it out here! it is truly an honor and i still can't believe that they have named us one of the best brands of 2013! BRINK really focuses on young entrepreneurs and people who are really passionate and go after their dreams. things are really starting to happen for PEPLUM and i am just so very thankful!

as far as life's been pretty darn sweet! i've been away since my anniversary, so there's a lot i need to catch up on. my "dapper day" birthday + anniversary vacation + a little peachy get-away + new haircut + a promotion at work + so much more! i've been doing a lot of nesting and finishing up a lot of my home projects. my hubby actually took on the most challenging and craziest DIY project yet! he always wanted a new paint job for his car and decided to do it himself with the help of his ├╝ber talented buddy! i am so proud of him because he has done a pretty awesome job! well, THEY have done an awesome job! as soon as he's done with his car [which will be sometime this week!] we will resume with the house projects! here are some pics of some recent life happenings...enjoy!
Top: dapper day at Disney!//Portofino Bay Hotel for our anniversary//purple wig tourist!//spent our anniversary in the most magical place on earth!
2nd: dottie wall project//refinished a corner hutch//made a wall paper from vintage encyclopedia pages in the dining area//gave these stools a new life!
3rd: purple door + pretty tulips!//new hair + promotion!//met this unicorn at the ATL Botanical Garden//met my new Goddaughter, Lixie!
Bottom: hubby's DIY project//cousin's wedding!//beach for Memorial Day!//BRINKmag Feature!!!
before i go, i'd like to say thank you! i am so grateful for your ongoing support and sweet words! remember that you can do anything that your little heart just gotta do it! sometimes you will fail and that's okay...success doesn't come easy! always strive to do what you love and love what you do! xo

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  1. wow, definitely lots of exciting things going on! glad to have you back in the blogging world :)