Thursday, March 31, 2011

my nest

i LOVE to shop.
and...[approx. a year ago] i never thought i would be shopping for a home. this is one of the greatest blessings sent from above! i also never thought i could own a home at the age of 23. i closed on my house last july, but didn't move in until september. it is still surreal to me that i own the place that i sleep in. i am so very thankful and i just can't say that enough. 
i sometimes feel like i am still in college and it is just a temporary residence. 
[i wonder when it will kick in, permanently!] 
since i had never really moved out of my parent's house, only for school, i pretty much moved in to my new home completely empty handed. EXCEPT for a whole bunch of clothes & shoes, crafts, scrap-booking stuff, unnecessary crap, art supplies, lots of magazines-books-pictures, random thrifted items, a lot of coca cola stuff [from work], TONS of feathers-headbands-buttons-jewelry-fabric [LxC]
and many many many more 
things that are not needed to live an everyday life. 

i am vintage loving gal, as you may already know. i love antique furniture & restoring it. i currently have a couch fetish -- hence my three well as chairs and anything that can fit into my house. 
i am inspired by many things, so i am working on blending it all together! 

this is what i have so far...

my living room

with a temporary wall art, made by me....[until what i desire gets done]. 
floor lamp-gifted
ottomans-thrifted & restored
frames-thrifted & restored
animal heads-{belle the gazelle, zambu the zebra, gigi the giraffe}- anthropologie
arm chair- zgallerie
bubble gum machine-yard sale
yellow painting-erikHcordero
side tables-thrifted, gifted & restored

obviously, i am not done with my home decor, but it is a project that i am constantly working on. i have even more small projects within this big project, so i will be sharing my progress with you. 

this is the start...hope you liked it! =)

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