Friday, April 1, 2011

[hello, april]

wow! i can't believe it is april already! i am kind of in shock on how fast this year is going by. april fools is usually something that i never really care for, mostly because i am not very good at it! [lol] so, i have no jokes or pranks. = /

i do remember when i was about 6 or 7 years old my mom said that something bad happened to one of my family members and i began to cry because i was so sad. she then explained the whole april fools deal, but i still didn't think it was funny. so, i guess i was traumatized....ha!


today- i will make a to-do list on things i want to accomplish this month. i feel like i let march slip by without noticing and i don't want to do the same with april!

so here is a start:
1. pray more.
2. finish my home projects [restoring furniture & building my closet].
3. spend more time with my family & boy.
4. get more sleep.
5. study more.
6. be more organized.
7. work harder. [this pertains to everything in my life]
8. go to the gym that i pay for!
9. spend less & save more $$$.
10. start painting again.

these are tangible and very realistic....i just have to do them!....[and i will!]

i hope april treats you well! ; )

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