Tuesday, April 5, 2011

april priorities

hello, lovelies! i have started to work on things from my list. yay!
i began this weekend by going to the beach with my parents & boy [priority #3]. we were granted with fantastic weather this past weekend, it was perfect. i loved it! we had a great time relaxing and pretty much doing nothing. here are some pics...

cocoa beach, fl
almost done!
new swim trunks....he loves!
i heart the red+ sky contrast. i heart us.

the second half of our weekend was a little more laid back. we strolled around park ave. we were there for only a little bit, because my boy was a little sicky-poo. but, it was just enough time to enjoy the weather and take some pics! i was away from my computer and phone a lot this weekend, it was all about QT [quality time] with the loved ones. =)

winter park, fl
me: blouse, vintage/belt, vintage/bag, vintage louis vuitton/skirt, forever21/sunglasses, forever21.
him: jorts,
levi's/shirt, pacsun/watch, vans/sunglasses, ray ban/shoes, toms

i haven't totally crossed things off my [priority] list because they are not just one-time only accomplishments. they are here to stay, i am just trying to be better at them. i will keep you updated....but, i say that was a good start! =)


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