Tuesday, April 12, 2011


hello loves!

it seems like i've been hiding, but i've been swamped! my new school semester started this past weekend, which means my life is back in crazy mode. i tried to get it together while on my little break, but i can already feel the pressure. 
accounting -not my forte!- and i am seriously looking forward to the end of this semester!!! lol 
but...i have made a promise [to myself] to try harder and study more, which means less time for me to do the things that i actually like...booo! 
i know its for the best! =) so, forgive me if there is a delay between posts.
if you are also a student, hang in there and absorb as much knowledge as possible!!! 
we're in this together! =)

apart from a lot of class and studying this weekend, i spent some much needed time with my love! we went to the movies, went for ice cream, did some shopping, enjoyed the weather, went to cheer on my MAGIC, rented movies, and a little more!

i hope you had a fantastic weekend, too! 
i visited my little rex! [i love him!]
new glasses! =)
i've been wanting this style for a while...still looking for some real ones!  

guess what tomorrow is?....WEDNESDAY! 
later, lovies! XXxxooOOxo

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