Friday, April 8, 2011

i heart [spring!]

spring is in full swing and i love every part of it! 
the weather, the flowers, colors, the cute clothes & shoes....everything!

here are some springy things i'm totally loving: 
[floral....oh yes!] 
[easter dress? i think so!]
[girly oxfords!]
[pair this with anything and you've got a great match! i love stripes!!]
[great for florida weather & my striped top!]
[just the right size and style.]
[add these to your collection!]

[dress it up, dress it down...its perfect!]
[i L-O-V-E!!!]
[i heart polka dots...a lot!]
[i would wear these everyday!]
[cute & comfy!]



  1. LOVE IT ALL!!! You are so talented, my dear. Everything you do is awesome... everything!!

  2. uuuuum, i love ALL OF IT! so adorable.