Monday, May 9, 2011

much love monday

i saw this little heart at a store and thought it would be perfect for a much love monday
i love the saying: "live simply." 
sometimes we are focused on so many things that we forget the important things in life. 
living simply is much more than just simplifying your material possessions. i see it as living for the simple things, the things that come naturally, the things you can't buy, 
such as love-happiness-family-friendship-laughter-God. 
its the little things that matter.....the simplicity is what makes life complete. 
so, enjoy it! 

 *this weekend, i loved spending time with my mommy. 
the happiness on her face when we celebrated her special day...i wouldn't trade it for the world!* 


  1. I need that heart. As much as I long to do it, I often forget to live simply.

  2. We try to live simply. For us that means celebrating the little things and finding joy in the every day stuff that so often goes unnoticed... Your blog is very sweet :)

    Katie x