Wednesday, May 11, 2011

wedding gown wednesday

as you know, i am a vintage loving gal, so when i saw this collection by
it was love at first sight! 
fancy is inspired by the tradition of "sunday best," and they provide an alternative to the 
usual formal gown. i love each and everyone of these dresses! therefore, it was very difficult for me to choose only a few to show you. so, when you get a chance, head over to their site and check out 
their delightful & inspiring collections, here
i loooooooove the vintage feel of these dresses - super classy & pretty. 
i hope you HEART these as much as i do...
{it doesn't get better than polka dots + gloves + cutesy buttons +  a bow + a belt!}
{perfectly reminds me of Jackie O - LOVE!}
{seƱorita meets hippie chic...its just precious!}
{i HEART the 50's...& this is oh, so gorgeous!}
{this look is perfect is this dress?!}
{chic + retro-ish = beautiful!}
{playful & classy....this ensemble is superb!}

until next time, lovelies...


  1. The Goddess one is my fave! Almost looks like Amanda's prom dress. Loooove!!!!!! *angelic voice*

  2. love these, my friend! i especially love the 50s inspired dresses, of course!

    so happy i figured out how to comment on your posts! miss and love you like crazy. xoxo