Monday, July 25, 2011

great weekend!

i had such a great weekend! i'm so sad that its already monday...booo! i got to eat lots of yummy popcorn on friday night while watching a very yummy looking 'captain america'. ;) saturday, i was woken up very early by a very rude call from work and instead of falling back asleep i decided to go treasure hunting in garage sales and any thrift store that was on my way. i chose the west side of town as my beginning point and just kept driving and finding garage sales as i went along. at one point i had no idea where i was, which was such a nice feeling! i found some really awesome goodies, my favorite being a pink schwinn beach cruiser. omg, its so adorable and it was a steal! =) the rest of my saturday was pretty laid back, i even went to bed early. my sunday included church, lunch with friends, quality time with my love, bowling with family from out-of-town, dessert and some more relaxing! i love weekends where i can do the things i love to do and still relax and have a good time. now, i can't wait 'til friday...please get here....asap!!! OxOO
yummy mofongo!!! =) 
my boyfriend's church outfit! [i heart that print!]


dress + belt + clutch: vintage
open-toe pumps: rocket dog
sparrow studs: f21
glasses: ray-ban

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  1. that bike is nothing short of amazing! i love the positive spin you put on the early wake up call. so inspiring!