Sunday, July 24, 2011

downtown savannah

our second day in savannah was beyond amazing! we slept in a little, which is always great and ended up spending the whole day in downtown savannah. it had been some 6 years since the last time i was there, so i only remembered little details. i'm going to attempt to describe the river walk, which is the main street and how it is set up, but i can't promise i'll be successful. lol the river walk is like a level under the "regular" road almost looking like a fort because its surrounded by high brick walls. there are tons of buildings on the riverwalk and the top floors of those buildings are on a strip on the top level overlooking the regular road. i ended up being in antique heaven because theres nothing but antique shops on that strip. [!!!!!] we had lunch at this really cute pizza spot called vinnie van go go's and it was delish! after our late lunch, dalix, erik [my little bro], and i kept exploring and we ended up finding this really awesome alley where we did a little photo shoot. we come from a family full of photographers and artists, so its in our blood and we just love photography! this alley was perfect. the colors and lighting were incredible. we had two cameras and three people, enough for two photographers and a model at all times. haha! my brother is planning on pursuing photography, so he was thrilled to take pictures of us. it was very hard for me to choose which ones to post because there were so many good ones, he did such a good job!

i loved the feel of this little town, its so artsy, old & pretty. it has so much character. i would totally recommend this for a weekend getaway....i really can't wait to go back! here are some pics of our awesome day...enjoy! =) 

jelli: blouse & belt, vntg // skirt & shades, f21 // sandals, stevemadden // headband, LxC // bag: philosophy di alberta ferretti
dalix: dress, marshalls // belt, thrifted // hat, charlotterusse // clip on hat, LxC // bag, kelly moore // shades, ray-ban // shoes, toms

photo credit: 
photos of jelli: erik cordero
photos of jelli & dalix: erik cordero
photos of dalix: jelli 


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