Wednesday, July 20, 2011

savannah [day 1]

the wedding was friday evening and everyone made it on time, but it started almost 2 hours late. =/ initially, the ceremony was set to be on this really old train wagon parked in a little antique plaza right next to the reception location. it was absolutely amazing! sadly, they were not able to wed there, so they had to move everything inside because it was pouring rain. we had a great time although it turned into a very interesting event as the night progressed. lol lets just say that anytime my father's family gets together, something always happens and the only thing we can really do is just laugh. everyone has their crazy family moments and crazy seems about right for mine. haha! but, i love them and wouldn't trade them for anything because otherwise, it would be boring....ha!!! all in all, we had a great time and i'm happy for my cousin! here are some pics of the location, moi and my other cousin, dalix...=)

dress: zac posen for target
fascinator: vintage
necklace: f21
pumps: martinez valero

dalix wore:
dress: vintage 
hair clip: LxC [not pictured]
shoes: nine west [not pictured]

funny story: the dress dalix wore actually belongs to me. she had planned on wearing something totally different, but while i was packing [well, more like throwing random clothes into my suitcase ten minutes before i had to leave!] i saw this dress hanging in my closet and i thought 'ooh! dalix could wear this!' so, when i got there i just told her i had another option for her and she loved it. it fit like a glove and it was perfect. doesn't she look fab in it?! ;)


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  1. those outfits are stunning! stunning!