Tuesday, July 12, 2011

a wonderful affair

i'm so excited to show you the pics from my friends' gorgeous wedding we attended this past weekend. we had such a great time! but before i go into the wedding deets i want to give you just a little background on the couple and how we are connected. first, the groom is actually one of my boyfriend's best pals. they've been friends since a young age and managed to stay very close no matter the distance and time apart. i know the groom because of their friendship, but i met the bride through some other friends before the groom actually met her. she and her prince charming, as she calls him, totally hit it off when they met. he came to tell us about her and i was like "oh, i know her!" and i said: "she's great...go for it!" lol soon after, they became a couple. now, about a year passes by and the bride and i become pretty close. we start sharing dreams and goals that we have for our lives and living in NYC was one of them. to make a long story short...she moved to the city for school, i got an internship months after and she took me in...we were roomies in the big apple, harlem to be exact. lol [yes...we survived!] we created a friendship and memories that will last forever! =)

on their very special day, they chose us along with twelve others to stand next to them and witness theirs vows of love. tall curly willow trees and a beautiful mix of violet shaded flowers graced the main aisle of a room full of happy people that love this couple dearly and who were also able to witness an act of love, honor and praise to God. as she tied a three-strand knot and as the groom humbled himself by washing her feet to the sound of a very talented young man singing 'pour my love', the presence of God was truly there, which confirmed that this marriage was put-together by Him and it will forever be blessed! they opted to write their own vows and probably one of the most beautiful ones i have ever heard. the bride being a teacher and the groom being a poet resulted in a very intriguing, yet amazing, combination in such a meaningful ceremony. sealed with a ring and a lovely kiss, the gorgeous ms. quezada became mrs. martinez as they promised to love and hold each other until death do them part.

this alice and wonderland inspired wedding was filled with tons of great details, tea pots, bow ties, tall willow branches, a madd hatter table, a photobooth, great food, delicious sweets, live music, love, happiness, a breathtaking sunset, loads of fun and so much more. but okay, no more rambling...here are some pics of this wonderful affair....enjoy! ;)

to the new mr. & mrs.,

words can't really describe how happy i am for the both of you. i wish you all the best in this journey you have embarked on. i know you will succeed and i know you will be blessed by the most high, because you have been chosen for a purpose which can only be completed together. i pray that you never forget what means the most in life and that everyday is even more wonderful than the last. 

love you,


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