Monday, July 11, 2011


hello, hello!
i was so exhausted from saturday's wedding, which resulted in all around laziness on sunday. however, we did go to church, lunch with buddies [pizza!!!!] and a little tiny trip to best buy. i am looking for a new cover for my iphone to use it on the weekends when i'm not working because my gameboy looking cover is just not cute and i'm tired of how big it is. i can't really enjoy the sleekness and prettiness of my phone bc of my otterbox and i wouldn't dare to take off that cover without having another safe cover because -simply- i'm just a phone destroyer! lol so, if you know of any cool places i can find a cute cover...holler! =) anyways, this is what i wore to church yesterday, a little casual & very comfy!
vest: thrifted
lace skirt:
jewelry & shades:
hair band:

'til next time, loves! 

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