Thursday, August 18, 2011

plan B

yesterday, i rambled about all the places i've been dreaming about going on vacation to lately because i'm in desperate need of a little break! that's not too much to ask for...right?! anyways, since i don't have one planned yet and i know that as soon as something becomes available i'm just gonna have to take it, i won't really have much time to plan anything too extravagant. [such as paris!] so...i've been thinking of different options that won't cost me a whole lotta money, but will still contain the essential elements of a good vacation [relax + fun]. therefore, i've come up with the perfect plan B! it would be a small road trip around the state of florida or surrounding states, to visit historic places, museums and most importantly...go thrifting! just the thought makes me excited! i would love to thrift around different places of the state and maybe stop at the beach for a day or two. you can find so many amazing treasures in all the different parts of this country and i wanna go find them! isn't it a wonderful back-up plan? i've been wanting to do something like this for quite some time now, but it has never really worked out. however, i think it could this time if all of my other plans fail! now.....i gotta get a vacation! lol

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