Monday, August 29, 2011

polka-dot sunday

my church has been celebrating their 28th anniversary and along with this amazing celebration, some changes occurred, including the starting time of our sunday services. it has always been a 12pm service, but due to popular demand, it was changed to 10am. now, i HATE waking up in the mornings and there is really no other word that can better describe what i feel every time i wake up early. however, i think i can do this whole 10am thing! i can be up by 9am at the latest and still be on time to church and then have the rest of my sunday to enjoy, especially during football season! for my first sunday with this new starting was not too shabby! i went with black and white polka-dots and royal blue pumps with a floral texture. i wore a red & black version of this dress a couple of weeks ago, which was a really lucky find for me at the thrift store some two or three years ago. the dress fits like a glove and i found TWO! =) here are some pics:
dress: vintage
platform pumps: charlotte russe
earrings: f21
hair adornment: LxC


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