Monday, September 12, 2011


hello there!
i made it to the windy city, safe and sound! it's been really warm and sunny here, which is a little unexpected because i thought it would be colder. oh, and my at&t reception has been sucky, so i'm not too happy about that! =( far, so good! i was extremely busy this weekend with the renegade fair. i know, i know...i'm on vacation and i come here to work! lol i'm totally okay with that because i love my friend and i'm a huge supporter of her work! =) we had such an amazing time and it was a great success! people were so in love with tammy jo, but that's no surprise! the whole fair was a great experience and we got to meet a ton of really cool people. now that we're all done with work, we're gonna have a little fun and do lots of touristy things. i've never been here before, so i'm a little excited. here are some pics from my phone...i can't wait to share more later!
later, lovies!


  1. I got the same thing about taking a vacation to 'work'! Wasn't it a blast!?!

  2. @Briana yes!!! it really was a blast! i had such an amazing was well needed! i worked, but it was fun! =)