Saturday, September 24, 2011

girls day! [part deux]

after lunch, we decided to head to downtown valdosta. we stopped at this awesome thrift store with tons of chidren's books outside on sale for TEN cents each! my bestest's little lady loves books, so we went a little crazy getting her some. now, a normal person may say: "wow, i could get ten books for a dollar!" and we say: "wow, that's fifty books for five bucks!" LOL we LOVE deals and just don't know when to stop!!!! after looking through all their boxes of books for about fifteen minutes, we end up making it into the store, which was extremely overwhelming at first because of everything it had. we all got amazing treasures, from dresses to blazers to even a rabbit fur coat! while in the store, a girl notices what we're shopping for and tells us that her friend sells vintage dresses in a little shop that was like 2 minutes away, which was music to our ears! after driving a few times around their downtown [2 full blocks!], we end up finding this little shop. while looking for the shop, we scope out the location for our shoot. we had a tripod and a little remote, thanks to ivelisse and it was one of the best times we've ever had! see for yourself...
[you can also check out prettylittlemustache for more pics!]


  1. i envy you ladies that entire day! lady dates and thrifting deals make my heart pitter patter.


  2. awww...thanks girls!!! it really was an awesome time! =)