Saturday, September 24, 2011

girls day!

the second weekend of my vacation was spent in valdosta, ga. yeah, yeah, i know what you're thinking....WHY?!!?!! lol which is pretty much what everyone else that lives there was thinking! well, my cousin & my bestest both live in ATL and valdosta is mid-point for us, so we decided to meet there and spend the day there. we left really early on saturday morning and went back home on sunday morning. we did soooo much in one day, it felt like it was the whole weekend! there was tons of thrifting involved, garage sales, we went to a little fall festival in another [smaller] town, ate a bunch, watched a flick, TWO photo shoots, and laughed a whooole lot! honestly, it was one of the best times i've had in a long time! i am pretty lucky to have such amazing friends! we had so much fun and our pics really show it! this was part of our morning....enjoy!

[this is where our first photo session took place and oh my, we had a blast! pics coming soon!]

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