Thursday, September 22, 2011

chicago [last day]

so, after spending almost 3 whole days in the windy city, i still had a half of a day left before i had to board a plane around 4pm. by this time i still hadn't tried some chicago pizza, so that was first on the list. we tried to get up early, but we were exhausted and our beds were soooo comfy! this day was pretty relaxed and the weather was waaaayyyy better than the couple days before. about ONE hour before i left chicago, the temperature started dropping, i must say that i was very upset, because all i wanted was some cool weather and did not get it! =( anyways, the chi-pizza is pretty delish! it can't be compared to any other type of pizza because it simply falls in it's own category. needless to say, it was great! right after lunch we decided to go thrifting before heading to the airport. i was lucky to find some really cute treasures, but i have to fix them because the sizes are too big for me. i was really happy with the first half of my vacation and especially of how spontaneous it was!

 we wanted to take some pics together! sooo thankful for the self timer! =) 
[looks like the beach!]

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