Monday, September 19, 2011

tourist day

after working at the fair for two full days, my third day in chicago was all about being a tourist. i even made a list of all the things i wanted to do on that day. i felt like the amount of time i was there was good enough for me to figure out that it really isn't my favorite. okay, i may be a little biased because i just love new york city waaaayyy too much! i'm a nyc gal, what can i say?! however, i still had a great time in chicago and was able to enjoy a lot of it. =) i woke up that monday morning and decided to go on priceline and bid on a hotel for that night. we were staying with friends, but i figured i could give it a shot. sooo, it took my bid and i saved 69% on a four star hotel in downtown chicago, which i was stoked about! lol my friends have come to believe that i may have a gambling problem...haha! i really do get a kick out of it! anyways, so we packed our bags and headed down to the hotel and to our surprise we find out that 1. superman was being filmed in our hotel and 2. the employees were on strike! hahaha!!! [which, may be the reason why i got such a great deal.] i thought it was hilarious. good thing the hotel was prepared with a full staff, so we didn't have to clean our own room. ha! from there we left and started exploring this beautiful [clean] are the pics....enjoy! =)