Tuesday, September 20, 2011

about me....A thru Z

i saw this really cute survey on my future-sis-in-law's blog & on oh so lovely's blog and i wanted to join in on the fun! so here is a little about me that you may not know...=)
a. age: 24
b. bed: full 
c. chores that you hate: laundry & folding clothes
d. dogs: REX my little short-haired dachshund  
e. essential start to your day: iPhone & a quick shower
f. favorite color: mustard & plum ;)
g. gold or silver: gold
h. height: almost 5'6" 
i. instruments you play: trumpet
j. job title: account manager for coca cola + hair accessories designer + event designer & planner
k. kids: ugh! maybe one day...
l. live: orlando, fl
m. mother's maiden name: maribelle
n. nicknames: jelli, marian, angelix, babe, helga
o. overnight hospital stays: none! 
p. pet peeves: when people complain about their weight or overall self image...boastful people...when they're & there AND your & you're are misused! [weird...i know!]
q. quote from a movie or tv: "TINA, you fat lard, come get some DINNER!!!" -napoleon dynamite
r. right or lefty: righty!
s. siblings: two younger brothers.
t. time you wake up: i HATE waking up!
u. underwear: sometimes.
v. vegetable you hate: ALL!
w. what makes you run late: sleep, my boyfriend, and just plain me...it's awful! 
x. x-rays you've had: teeth and knee [i tore my ACL in college]
y. yummy food that you make: cupcakes
z. zoo animal: giraffe & zebra

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