Wednesday, October 12, 2011


i'm a little sad right now because i accidentally erased some pictures from my picasa web album and they are gone forever! there seems to be nothing that i can do to recover them and they are not on my blog anymore. =( i'm soooo upset! anyways, just wanted to share my frustrations. if anyone happens to know how to recover them....please let me know, i will love you forever!!! on the bright side, today is my friday! YAY! for the next 4 days of fun things [that i don't really have planned]! and speaking of fun...i wanted to share some pics from a "superhero" birthday party i went to last weekend. i dressed up as rogue from xmen. i have to give credit to my mister because he was the one with the brilliant idea and really helped me piece everything together. the only thing that i had to purchase were green tights, everything else was from my closet and it turned out great! we really had a fun time in our costumes and the birthday boy [batman] was very surprised! here are some pics: 
i hope you have a marvelous rest of your week! =) XOxoOOO

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