Wednesday, October 12, 2011


as i mentioned on my last post, this past weekend we celebrated our pastor and his family at our church and i was asked to do a corsage and boutonniere for the pastors. i was excited because not only do i love to work with flowers, i love them as well! i was told to choose any color combination i wanted, but i hadn't really put much thought into it until i actually got to the store to buy the flowers. i was inspired by the colors of fall and thought that would be a great way to start. initially, i wanted to do random flowers that are rarely on these types of arrangements. i also wanted to add a "little something extra," but i couldn't really think of what. so after about 10 minutes of looking around and deciding, i see some wheat in a vase and -bingo!- that was my "little something extra!" i had purples, oranges, greens, tans and browns to play with. i was so happy to come home and just start working. my creative juices were flowing and i was on cloud nine! i really am in my happy place when i'm creating something. do you ever feel like this? where it doesn't matter what is going on around find yourself in a peaceful place full of ideas and colors and's such an amazing feeling! so, after about an hour of playing florist, this is what i came up with:
[i really loved the result and so did they!] 

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  1. Those turned out beautifully! I think the wheat adds such a nice texture. Perfect for fall! :)