Thursday, November 17, 2011

our engagement...long post...brace yourself!

okay, so i know you need updates. well, maybe not need...but i want to give updates and i can't move forward without beginning with where it all, france! okay, okay...the france pavilion at disney's epcot center. same thing, right? felt like it! what started as just a regular photoshoot for a friend, ended up being something that only appears in dreams and movies. my lovely fiancé, came up with this grande plan along with the amazingly talented michelle march and my bestest! michelle had always asked to photograph us every time she was in town, but my love, who hates taking pictures, always declined. for this pretend "engagement shoot," he initially said no. having the ring for almost two-months already, [i would've died because i just can't keep things for that long!] he was waiting for the best moment, as he thought about this pretend "engagement shoot," he realized it was just the perfect opportunity. so, that is when he reached out to my bestest and ms. march and they created the most amazing proposal....ever! [yes, i'm biased!]
if you have not read the story ms. march posted on her blog, well, you're in luck because it's posted below. she paints the picture so clearly and wonderfully! here's her story:

There really are moments when you feel as though all the stars have aligned and things couldn’t be more right. From the instant I got on the phone with Steven, I knew everything that was about to happen was truly meant to be…
What started off as a romantic session of a boy and a girl {Marian and Steven} that have been in love for seven years ended {or really began!} in their engagement at the gorgeous France Pavilion at the Epcot Center {Walt Disney World}. Steven {her now fiancé}, Ivelisse {her best friend and a close friend of mine} and I planned the surprise {and very emotional} proposal. Marian is in love with all things vintage. She dreams of Paris and is a hopeless romantic. The next best thing to actually proposing in Paris was their very own backyard… Walt Disney WorldAfter all, this is where dreams come true!
Days before, I helped Marian choose her outfits and she was ecstatic that Steven had actually agreed to be photographed. Meanwhile, he would give her a hard time about it and even threatened to not show up that very morning. Marian expected this since every time I came to town she would beg and plead and he would always turn her down. It was all part of the master plan! Muahaha! They met me at the United Kingdom Pavilion and we managed to capture a few shots through the crowds. The International Food & Wine Festival was going on and the park was twice as packed. The dark sky and very heavy clouds weren’t on our side, but we didn’t let them slow us down. When it was time to head over to the France Pavilion, Marian changed into the most beautiful, vintage lace dress I’ve ever seen. Her glittery gold shoes, ivory gloves and a handmade hair piece turned her into a princess. In fact, she was stopped several times by little girls wanting to say hello. The entire time we shot in France, I was looking for the perfect spot and when I found it, I gave Steven the green light. Green light = I had to say how much I could use some gelato right now. Yummy! Meanwhile, Ivelisse was texting me like crazy hoping to get an update from me. Haha! The rest, as they say, is history…
A crowd gathered to watch Steven propose to Marian. Everyone cheered! She cried! It was straight out of a movie. It couldn’t have been more perfect. The wonderful people from the shops in the France Pavilion rushed out with tissues and a button that said, “Just Engaged”. They offered the couple special access in the Italy Pavilion to watch the fireworks above the crowds in a private balcony. So romantic!
On our way to Italy, Marian called everyone she knew to give them the good news. She cried the entire way while Steven and I gave each other high fives for how amazing it all turned out. As the sun set in the overcast sky and the evening festivities began, I got my gelato and Marian got her beautiful, vintage engagement ring. Win win! I can’t wait to shoot their vintage inspired wedding next March!

to add a little bit to it...during the beginning of his speech, i actually thought he was playing around, so i told him to stop joking with me. that went on for about 30 seconds until he dropped to one knee and said "this is real!" and pulls out the ring. that is when i was completely surprised and had to literally gasp for air, because i couldn't believe it was real. i honestly could not thank him, my bestest and michelle enough because they really made my dream a reality! now, every time i look at these pictures, i can relive the moment again and again. even yesterday, we were talking to our friends about it and i got teary-eyed because the emotion is still there and those pictures will forever keep it alive. i always told my boyfriend, now fiancé, that i wanted something personal and intimate. although, it was public and there were people around who clapped and cried and shouted and laughed with us, i wouldn't have had it any other way. i cried for at least an hour...the joy was overwhelming! he did such an amazing job! he never ceases to amaze me and sweep me off my feet!proposals are special and meaningful to each and every couple...i'd love to hear about yours! if you're in the waiting patient, it will come! don't put so much pressure, because this is probably one of the hardest things that he will EVER have to do and you can totally make it worse! about a week before the shoot i happen to somehow have his phone and was just looking at his because it was open. then, someone labeled under the name "wutang clan" send a text saying "is marian with you?" and i quicky looked around and got a little scared! lol i knew something was up. i decided not to read the text because OBVIOUSLY, there was something happening that i was not supposed to know about. i tried to go into the contacts to get the phone number, but before i got there, steven comes in and i asked: "who's wutang clan?" and he quickly snatched the phone from me and i pretty much got in trouble for looking through his phone. [even though, i didn't!] i told him that i didn't open the text message and knew nothing. at the very moment of that text message popping in, i had to make a decision. i could've been really nosy and potentially ruin some kind of surprise...and boy was i glad to have made the right choice! apparently, ALL of their master plan details were in that message thread and i would have known EVERYTHING!!! i usually can't control these impulses, but i am glad i did. so if your lovely boyfriend is "acting funny" or there is suspicious activity going on...ignore it! there is a lot of pressure going on and you will not regret it. this should probably go with any surprise! i did think for a SECOND after that little incident about how amazing it would be if he did propose during that time, but me knowing him i thought NAAAHHHH!!!! lol well, i'm soooo glad i was wrong!!!
i'm the luckiest girl in the world and i can't wait to marry him soon! =)

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