Friday, January 13, 2012

we're getting close!

hello, dears!
i wanted to stop by and give you a little snipet of what's going on right now. we are moving along fairly quickly and things are coming together nicely. God is blessing us so much, we're in awe! =) i just finished making my invitations, they should be ready to ship by the end of this weekend and i can't wait to show them to everyone! it was it really nice DIY project with my new friend, laudys and my amazing fiancé! laudys is an amazing graphic artist and she really helped my vision come to life! we had a few others help us out with them and it was such a fun project....more details soon!
so, TOMORROW is a really BIG day because it's our wedding shower and i'm ecstatic! [and a tad bit nervous!] first, because i'm actually decorating my own party and it was by choice since i'm a control freak and i just dream about all wedding festivities and couldn't fathom not doing it for myself! yes, i know...weirdo! but i have so many amazing ideas that i just want to do and it's just the perfect time! second, i'm nervous because of all the attention! lol okay, here's a little secret about me. i love to plan events, but i'm a horrible host. not that i'm hosting my party, but getting all the attention is kinda nerve-wrecking because i wanna please everyone and make them feel comfortable, so the thought of people not having a good time kinda gives me anxiety! third and last reason is because we are SO CLOSE to THE BIG DAY and the nerves are definitely kicking in! anyways, with all that said....i leave you with can guess what it is, but you won't know 'til tomorrow! i promise to post pics....tootles! XXOxoOO
[i'm in L O V E with this project!]
[an early wedding shower gift from my love's amazing cousin...china from the 1940's-1950's! we LOVE it!] 

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