Sunday, January 8, 2012

new year, crazy me!

wow! so, let me just start off with wishing you a happy new year! it's been so difficult for me to get some blogging time. i've been busy with life, the wedding and now school! [ugh!] have i ever mentioned how much i hate school?! anyways, so in addition to all that...i used to get some free wifi at home from one of my neighbors and i don't anymore, which also affects my blogging time. i have been beyond busy, i have no idea how i'm going to make it until my wedding because i only have less than 2 months away and so much to do! good thing i'm loving every minute of this planning! i'm even kind of sad that it's gonna end soon. =(
okay, so on to some catching up. i'm gonna show you all the things that i've been up to lately via instagram. check them out...
[funny christmas story: one of my gifts from my fiancĂ© was a gift card for a book he had gotten me the week before...he forgot! was hilarious!!! i love him!] 
[sneak-peek from our christmas shoot by oscar trinidad!]
[we went to disney world and got our silhouettes done...L O V E !]

[we waited 75 minutes to go into the harry potter world, then 90 minutes for the ride, but 0h-so worth it!]
[one of my favorite hats! i was debating to wear it on christmas eve...i opted for another!]
[the first day of the year!]
[running some errands...and i'm still amazed by my ring!]
[inspired by elsiecake from a beautiful mess...some art for my bridal shower!]
[a little painting i did for my friend's baby shower...the baby's room is paris themed!]
[went shopping with my future MIL for a dress for the luck, yet!]
[our bridal shower invitation art done by me....jelli doodles!]
[i made these little ones for my cake topper, just not sure for which cake! my jelli doodles came to life!]
i have been documenting as much as possible all of my DIYs for the wedding and tons of other projects i've been working on. i promise to post them soon! our shower is coming up this weekend and i'm pretty stoked! 
'til later, lovies!!!


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