Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!!

and Feliz Navidad to all of you!!! 
i can't believe it's here! although, i must admit that it doesn't feel like christmas because of this 70 degree weather we have outside! either way, its gonna be a family [fun-with lots of laughter and love] filled day! i will start off at my future in-laws house and end at my parents house with my family from texas. actually, we started last night at my aunt's house. she always goes all out for holidays and this time she went bigger than ever. we partied until like 2am and that's just when i left because people were still there having a great time. great food, people and music...we had a blast! we started our christmas with all of that, a proposal [my big cousin asked his girlfriend to marry him in front of all of us, it was sweet!], chinese gift exchange and so much more....even our friends took part in the fun, it was great!
today is gonna be a little more relaxed. we usually go bowling and have our annual bowling competition for bragging rights! haha!!! i love it! 
anyways, so before we get started with our festivities...i wanted to wish you a great holiday with your loved ones! remember that this season of joy and happiness only exists because of ONE reason and that is the birth of Jesus Christ!  

i am off to wrap my mister's presents and head over! i'm kinda excited to see his face....more details later!!!

tootles!! XXXxoOOx

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