Wednesday, December 7, 2011


hello dears!
i've been trying to document as much of my wedding planning as possible. not only for memories, but also to share with you all! =) i also don't want it to fly by,  especially since its only a few months away! [aaahhhh!!!] the wedding planner in me is screaming for joy!!! i have so many ideas and things i wanna do, but i'm not really freaking out yet. i mean, not freaking out SO much, yet! haha! my wedding will definitely be vintage inspired, but with more specific details. i want as much D.I.Y. as possible, because thats just the kind of person i am! and the florist in me is so excited for the floral of my favorite details! color combinations will definitely be a reflection of us and we really don't have any particular ones picked yet. one of my biggest challenges so far has been my dress...but, luckily that has all been taken care of and it has been such a blessing!!! [more details coming soon!]

one of the first tasks that was checked off the list was our wedding party! i wanted to keep it as small as possible, because it was either that or about 20 people. Haha! I had been brainstorming for a while for ideas on how to ask my girls and nothing really lit up my bulb. until one morning, i woke up, like usual to go to work and i happen to walk by my instax [polaroid] camera. i stop and look at it with this feeling of it telling me something! [i knew it was] so, i turn around and look at my chalkboard wall and there it aha moment! i wrote on the wall: "will you be my bridesmaid/maid of honor?" and took a picture of it with my instax! I have this really awesome vintage barbie stationary that was just so fitting! within that second i imagined what i would do with the pics and cards. I couldn't wait to get home and work on them! i decided to tape it to the card and draw frames around it, illustrating a wall with frames! then, i wrote a little [or kinda novel-like length] message on the other side and asked each one to join me as i marry the man of my dreams! it was a tricky task because 2 of my girls live in ATL and the other in Orlando. i mailed 2 and when one got it, then i personally delivered the other. my bestest received hers first, but my cousin who also lives in ATL didn't get hers until almost a week later. that ended up being an unnecessary situation due to trying to keep it a surprise, but she doesn't check her mail everyday, so what can you do?! lol anyways, besides the little drama, it was a success! they were all surprised and cried like babies! they also responded the way i would've wanted them to. the two that were not there with me took pictures and either txt'd me or instagrammed it. it was perfect! i truly am so lucky to have people that care about me so much and are genuinely happy for me! 

my girls are: my bestest, ivelisse, my cousin, dalix and my oldest friend, karichelly. i am so excited to have them by my side during the best day of my life! bridesmaids are really important in this time of a girl's life. i feel like sometimes friendships get ruined during weddings, when it should be the other way around. i always said that the most important part for me is that they show up and are there with me when i'm all nervous and scared to make me laugh and calm me down! everything else is secondary. i love each one of these girls like a sister and i just can't wait until we're all there with our pretty dresses!!!! eeeEEEeee!!! 

how did you ask your bridesmaids to be a part of your wedding?! or how have you been asked to be a bridesmaid? =)

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