Tuesday, December 6, 2011

my little rex

picture this: a very small town in north carolina, a small college, it's students, a very small population of elderly people and families, and a whole lot of pickles!  that's where my story takes place...so almost five years ago, i was driving home from volleyball practice in mount olive, nc and as i'm about to cross an intersection, this little brown weiner dog jumps in front of my car and i swerve to the side, so i will not kill him! i stopped the car, got out and picked him up off the street and started walking toward the direction he came from to see if someone was walking him and he got loose or something, but nothing. so, i walked the other way and still no one is around to claim this little fella. i then put him in my car and took him home. i showed my roommates and everyone liked him because he was so cute with his little chunky self and really short [weird-looking] tail. we called some people who had dogs in our school to see if they knew who he belonged to because he also didn't have a collar. i ended up going to the police station to see if someone had reported this missing dog, but the police officer told me to just keep him for the weekend and if no one claimed him, i could either keep him or take him to the pound. so, i waited....and still nothing. i considered keeping him, but my mom is not too fond of dogs. we've had dogs in the past and they never made it inside our house, so i knew this little guy had no chance! my dad, on the other hand, LOVES dogs! when he found out about this little guy, he was instantly in love without even seeing him. i didn't want to take him to the pound because i didn't want anything bad to happen to him, so i decided to ask around to see if someone was interested in keeping him. some people were, but before i made a decision, i decided to let a few more days go by and bring it up again to my mom and she was still not supportive about keeping the doggie. =(  so, my dad told me to wait a little longer before i did anything and that he would try to convince my mom. lol i felt like a little kid...it was so funny! so, i guess she felt bad for me since i was so far away from home and thought that maybe the dog could help me cope with being homesick. haha! i really don't know what my dad said to her...but i got to keep the dog!!! since he didn't have a collar, i tried to give him a name that would fit him and REX was the only thing that i could come up with. i had tons of names, but that's what i kept going back to and it stuck! i brought him home to orlando during spring break and left him there until i came back home for summer. as soon as he made it into my house, my dad was in LOVE! he ended up being more my dad's dog than mine. i had never been so close to a dog in my whole entire life. i loved him! he was there everyday i came home, he slept in my bed, he woke up to me. if he wasn't already waiting for me at night, he would knock on my door before i went to bed, so i could let him in to sleep! when i was away in school, he always had someone to be close with. he was my dad's friend, they went everywhere together and took naps together....he was his little baby! 
[the day i found Rex!]
 last week, i happen to take him to the vet because he had been acting a little weird and was loosing a lot of weight. i was told that he may have had a cancerous mass, but they had no more information about it and would need to do an exploratory surgery. the doctor didn't say that anything had to be done right away, but we should consider doing it asap. he looked a little better that day, but was still mopey. =( my parents came back home from their vacation on friday and didn't notice anything wrong with Rex. yesterday, my dad noticed him a little weaker than normal, so he gave him some food and water to see if thats what he needed. he said that Rex felt a little better and took him to run errands with him and to get him some treats at the store. they came back home and Rex went to eat the rest of his food. My mom saw him eating and then she saw him go lay down on his little bed, which was a normal thing for him because he was lazy. he loved to just eat and sleep! a little while later....they go check on him and he was gone. =( i don't know if he went in his sleep or what, but he didn't seem like he suffered. of course, i cried. we all cried. he was a member of our family. he was my baby and our little friend. when i moved into my own house, i knew that i couldn't take Rex away from my dad and i knew that not having him would help me detach myself for when this day came, but it still hurt the same. i don't plan on having a dog ever again because i don't want to go through this again. Rex was really a little blessing to our family and i will never forget him. we have so many memories....i will never forget him. 



  1. There's nothing harder than losing a fuzzy family member :( I'm so sorry for your loss. He was just as lucky to have you as you were to have him.

  2. How adorable! xo, rv


  3. i'm so sorry for your loss, helgs! i can't imagine. my heart sunk when you told me what had happened. please tell your dad & the rest of your family that you are all in my thoughts and i love you all very much. rest in peace, rexi-poo! we all loved you. xoxo

  4. I'm soo sorry:( He's with the lord now!
    Love u